About Us

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Faithful Fitness for Life is a collaboration of family and friends who are fitness and health care professionals. It evolved from the belief that good health is not just limited to the physical body. It is a combination of the mind and spirit. Many people fail at weight lost and diets because they have not learned to change their thinking about exercise and food. It is a life style change that begins with recognizing causes for over eating as well as the lack of motivation and/or energy to workout.

A study in the February 2008, Annals of Epidemiology, explored the link between health and spirituality. The research discovered that prayer; religious beliefs and meditation are associated to physical and mental health reducing the risk of mortality or death. People who attend church regularly to worship experience less depression then someone who does not. There is a support system when people worship together that allows them to interact and share beliefs that assist in working through stressful situations.

In today's society, people need a more positive outlook on life. Our web site provides information that connects the mind, spirit and body with activities that you can do at home for self-improvement. By having an understanding of these three aspects of a person, you can transform your life and have a better understanding of your self as a whole.