Abdominals Image - Photo credit Microsoft

Many people have trouble losing weight in the abdominals. It seems that it is the first place where they gain weight and the last where they lose. Abdominals consist of External and Internal Obliques and Rectus and Transversus abdominis.

There are varies exercises that you can do to strengthen the lower, upper and oblique muscles to flatten the stomach and obtain that true six pack.


Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Abs on the Exercise Ball. There are several ways that you can do abdominal exercises using the exercise ball. The one most commonly performed is positioning the ball under your lower back and lifting the ribs towards the hip. Try to perform about 15-20 reps.

  2. Abs on the floor. When doing abdominal exercises on the floor, you want to extend about 45 degrees off the floor pushing the ribs towards the hip. Make sure you do not place pressure on your neck and lower back. Stay within the range of motion.

  3. Ab machine. Many gyms and fitness rooms have machines with instructions. Before using the equipment, ask one of the gym employees to show you the proper usage to get the most out of the work out and prevent injuries.