Aerobics (Group Exercises)
Aerobics Image - Photo credit Microsoft

A group exercise program is a great way to meet people and develop fitness partnerships. Several benefits of attending a fitness classes are encouragement, motivation and the exchanging of information from other members. There are usually people in the class who may have experience the same weight or health related problems as you. They can share some of their testimonies of success to help you overcome those challenges.

There are various programs that include aerobics, step aerobics, water aerobics, and kickboxing.
A proper aerobics class begins with the following format:

Warm-up/Stretching - Starting the aerobics routine with a slow full range of motion and stretching various muscle groups, such as, hamstrings, quads, triceps, etc.

Progression - Exercising to the routine that gradually raise the heart rate.

Aerobics - Exercising at your full potential within in your target heart rate based on your age and the highest heart rate that you can reach in effort of physical activity.

Cool Down - Bringing the heart rate down with a slow full range of motion.

Final Stretches - Stretching the various muscle groups at the end of the workout.

Other group exercises that use equipment are cycling or spin, weightlifting, and jump rope.