Holistic Fitness
Holistic Image - Photo credit Microsoft

Holistic fitness is the joining of physical fitness with the mind and spirit. The word holism means everything exists in relationships and you cannot change any part without affecting the whole. The whole includes physical health, mental, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual and nutritional habits.

Holistic fitness consists of exercises that are developed to enhance your body, mind and spirit awareness. There are four factors that improve your awareness perceptions:

  1. Focus on a particular body part by the action that is given by the instructor
  2. Use elicit thinking and observation
  3. Recognize the truths that based on the physical and mental actions
  4. Acknowledge the change that you are creating to move to another level and space restoring balance and harmony among the body, mind and spirit.

There are various movement forms that integrate the principles or factors into your workout and life. Holistic fitness is comprised yoga, martial arts and other movement forms. Below are just a few exercises incorporated in this fitness activity:

  • Tai Chi known as the slow dance. The body movements are slow which move the joints freely with the fluidity of circular motions.
  • Tae Kwon Do known as the dance of precision. It consists of powerful kicks or punches while gracefully changing from linear movements to circular motions.
  • Aikido known as harmonious spherical motion. It uses spiral motions and focuses on blending and moving in harmony that is intuitive with the thinking of the body. Its principle is GRACE which is Grounding, Relaxation, Awareness, Centering and Energy.
  • Yoga known as the conscious dance of alignment and posture. It focuses on developing muscle balance and movement stability. It encourages inward awareness of feelings and sensing. It teaches proper breathing techniques and modified stretching. Yoga allows you to meditate while improving your flexibility and mobility. Meditation is an excellent way for the spirit and mind to come together promoting relaxation and increasing your understanding of your desired destiny.

There are many other holistic fitness exercises that were not mention. Some people do classify Pilates as part of holistic fitness because it follows the same awareness perceptions. The true benefit to a holistic workout is achieving a physical, mental and spiritual harmony that forms a lifelong peace of the body as a whole.