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Tiffany Lee
"From Maryland gives her victorius story of living a healthy lifestyle while beating the odds"

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As you can tell by thepictures I am NOT a size 5 and honestly do not desire to be!!  My most importantgoal was to become as HEALTHY as I possibly could. Mission accomplished!! But not with a little struggle along the way.

In May of 2001 I graduated high school and toppedthe scales around 240lbs.  Not very happy with life at that point in time but Iwas content (I suppose). Went off to college that fall and that's where it allbegan.  Started college in Westminster, MD and then began to really have issueswith my weight. I was away from home and supposed to be having the time of mylife.  But instead, I was sitting in my dorm room crying, lonely, and fat.  Hey,I have to be honest?if you're fat you're fat but the key is to CHANGE it!!(That's why I'm here)

So at that point I started doing some research andmaking little adjustments in my diet from the cafeteria.  More fruits/veggies,more lean protein (baked/not fried or breaded).  Then came the addition of someactivity. More walking and just being active. From there I became friends withsome football players. That's where the magic happened! I discovered thepower of strength training!!  Now I'll be honest, my initial motivation was notJUST for the fitness?.we had some beautiful football players?lol.  But alas, Imade it into the gym and started lifting weights.  Before I knew it I waslifting heavier and becoming stronger.  It felt good and I wanted to keepgoing.  I started to incorporate cardio and the weight continued to come off. Did that for about two years and then I left and transferred to Howard University back at home.

Once home I was able to have access to morecontemporary gyms with newer equipment.  That was where my love for spinningbegan.  It was also when I started wanting to help others.  The idea of becominga personal trainer was starting to circulate in my mind.

So graduation came and went, degree was obtainedand in my head I thought ok what's next. Now let's press pause and get into thehealth issues.

In 2007 I began getting these severe headaches. Paralyzing headaches that doctors diagnosed as a condition called Pseudo Tumor. This is when the fluid from your spine builds up and is not disposed ofproperly.  Causing massive pressure to build up behind the eyes and back of head(hence the headaches).  The only way to relieve this pressure was for me to havea spinal tap.  So I've had several spinal taps over the past years as thispressure kept coming back.

Now during all this time I was still being activeand watching my diet but couldn't figure out why my weight wasn't changing.  Noanswers so I just kept going.

Fast-forward to summer of 2009.  The headachessubsided but then the real trouble began.  Around June of 2009 I started havingthese headaches again.  I then went to see an Ophthalmologist/Neurologist.  Hetold me that I really wasn't the typical patient for a pseudo tumor.  So webegan investigating and he put me on Prednisone (a steroid).  Early July I wentto visit a close friend out of town and was very swollen and puffy because ofthe prednisone and other things going on. 

Returned home to only get worse.  The swellingincreased and I just didn't feel good at all.  Was taken to the ER and theneverything became clear.  Started out at one hospital and then was taken toGeorgetown University Hospital where I then spent the next 8 weeks.  Bouncingfrom ICU, to dialysis, and back to ICU.  It was there that I was diagnosed withSystemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

SLE or Lupus, is a chronic autoimmune connectivetissue disease that can affect any part of the body. Just like other autoimmunediseases, the immune system attacks the body's cells and tissue, resulting ininflammation and tissue damage.  SLE most often attacks the heart, joints, skin,lungs, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, and nervous system. The course of thedisease is unpredictable, with periods of illness (called flares) alternatingwith remissions.

I was lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to have mykidneys attacked.  As ?luck? would have it I went into total kidney failure, atsome point had to be intubated because there was so much fluid on lungs that Icouldn't breathe on my own.  In addition to that we also found out that I have ablood clotting disorder that causes my blood to clot easily.  Thus resulting invarious blood clots in my lungs and neck. So as I stated earlier I spent 8 weeksin the hospital battling for my life, going thru chemo (to treat my kidneys) andjust wondering why me.

In time I began to recover.  TIn time I began to recover. Tubes were removed, Iwas taken off dialysis and shortly made it home. 

Doctors wanted to send me to a rehabilitationhospital in order to regain my muscle strength as my muscles atrophied (shrankin size/strength).  But being the person I am, I refused and got myself back onmy feet and within 2 months I was totally back in the gym and ready to moveforward. als and tribulations Imanaged to receive my national spinning certification and AFPA (American FitnessProfessionals and Associates) personal trainer certification. And now it's timeto give you the help and guidance I didn't have.

So a year later, here I am, coming to you as anormal person just wanting to help you reach your goals.  I said earlier I amjust like you, your family and friends.  Trials, tribulations and celebrationshave all made me the person I am today.  When I sat down to write this I wasn'tsure if I even wanted to include all my personal health issues but I had manyclients tell me how inspired they are by my story so I thought hey, if my storycan inspire them why not let it inspire others?

There you have it in a nut-shell. I am Tiffany Lee!!! Ready, willing, and able to help you reach your full potential.

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