Outer Beauty
Outer Beauty Image - Photo credit Microsoft

Outer beauty is the physical appearance defined by facial features, skin complexion, as well as, body proportions and size. It is what first attracts people to each other. Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a person beautiful.  

 Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye,
William Shakespeare, Love's Labours Lost, 1588

Outer beauty is noticed by the way ones appearance is kept. The ideals of physical beauty are constantly changing as a product of our social culture. Some people feel that it is necessary to change their appearance whether a result of age or genetic. They may feel unattractive resorting to cosmetic surgery that can have potentially dangerous side effects and can be life threaten. Before making a decision to have cosmetic surgery, such as, a tummy tuck, gastric bypass or gastric lap band surgery, first try to lose the weight on your own through a personal trainer or a recommended physician and/or nutritionist.

Weight loss is a challenge that can be accomplished. It is important that while you are exercising and watching your diet that you take care of your outer appearance. Become comfortable with the new body that you are developing that will change your body measurements as well as facial appearance. In some cases, when individuals are extremely obese and excessive skin appears due to the weight loss, surgery may be required to tighten the skin.

Outer beauty is just one part of what makes a person. Do not become obsess with comparing one self with people in magazines, movies and television. Just be comfortable with the body you have and learn to love it. Not everyone is meant to be skinny and there is nothing wrong with being curvaceous as long as one is healthy.