Soulful Beauty
Soulful Beauty Image - Photo credit Microsoft

When working on your physical appearance, you should include activities to improve your inner or soulful beauty. This requires that you work on your character and evaluate the perception that you have of your self.

"I pray thee, 0 God, that I may be beautiful within."

It is important that while you are developing a personal fitness plan as part of your daily routine that you include time to perform personal self evaluations of your character. This would require keeping a journal on things that you would like to change or improve about your self. Some people feel that losing weight will solve all their problems. They may think that it will help them find a husband or wife; save the marriage or help them "fit-in" among peers.

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.
Kahlil Gibran, Poet

It is not just your outer appearance that make you beantiful but your inner heart and soul. Some people, who have been over weight for an extended period of time, may have a low self-esteem while others may feel more self-confident. It is your attitudes that will help you stay focus on the positive things as daily challenges cross our paths and affect how we react and behave in different situations related to our heath and fitness routines.

Meditation provides individuals with the ability to discipline their mind by focusing their attention on peaceful and relaxing images, journeys or inspiring words. It releases negative thoughts or worries when you truly have learned the art. It is an excellent way for dealing with feelings; reflecting on inspirational materials; and adopting an open-mind and an optimistic outlook on your lifestyle endeavors.