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Many churches have fitness ministries and activities for adults and children to participate. They always enjoy new members who want to fellowship with them.

If you do not have one at your church and would like to start one, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Speak with your Pastor. Let him know that you are interested in starting a fitness ministry that will provide information on health related topics and physical fitness activities for adults and children.

  2. If your Pastor agrees, survey the church. This is an opportunity to find out the number of members who are willing to participate in the fitness fellowship and the topics of interest. You may learn that there are fitness instructors, personal trainers, nutritionists, sport coaches, and/or other health and fitness providers who are willing to volunteer time from there schedule to assist in the ministry.

  3. Attend other church's fitness ministry to get ideas and assistance. Fellowship is a key ingredient to success because it helps to learn from others.

  4. Assign fitness ministry leaders and committee members. You can obtain those individuals from the survey information. You can ask those interested parties to attend a meeting and ask what leadership roles they want to hold. If you have more than one person interested in the same role, vote on it. Then, you should begin planning and organizing your fitness schedules, scriptures, meeting format, ideas, topics and guest speakers.

  5. Advertise. Get the word out about the ministry once it is in place through flyers in the church, announcements and websites.

  6. Maintain the Fitness Ministry. You should mention it in your bulletin and website of the different activities. Try to offer different topics of interest that will motivate and make a difference in the health of people lives.

If you would like us to help assist you in starting a fitness ministry at your church, please contact us. We will provide sample flyers, schedules and information that will help you get started.