Sports Fitness
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Sports fitness is participating in physical activities that train and condition the body for an athletic workout. These activities can be performed in a group as part of a team effort such as, soccer, basketball, football or lacrosse. It can also be an individual effort such as swimming, tennis, bowling, skiing or skating. Whatever the sport that you are participating in for recreational, competitive or professional purposes, you want to increase your performance while burning calories. Many of these activities can be performed outdoors, indoors or at a facility specific to the sport.

Below are brief descriptions of some of these sports

Swimming is a great form of exercise. The water supports the body and provides less stress on the joints and bones. Frequently, swimming is used as part of rehabilitation and therapy after injuries or individuals who are disabled. Water acts like a liquid weight machine providing resistance as the body’s range of motion goes against it. The buoyancy supports the body while reducing impact. Aqua jogging; aquatics boot camp; and water aerobics/resistance training are great alternatives to swimming that assist in staying in shape.

Bowling is a physical and mental sport that involves some physical activity as well as physics and mathematics. It requires using maximum power of your arm to throw the heavy bowling ball down the lanes and knocking down the pins. A bowling ball can weigh any where from 6 to 16 pounds. When picking up a bowling ball, it is recommended to bend your knees to avoid back injuries.

Tennis is a sport that can be played as singles or doubles. The tennis player is required to have a tennis racquet that is comprises a handle and neck joining a roughly circular frame of tightly pulled strings in an array. The player hit the tennis ball back and forth over the net. It requires running and swift hitting motions of the racket that increase muscle strenght and flexibility

Skiing is a sport that requires muscle strength and endurance as well as balance agility and coordination. Skiers wear boots with ski blades and use poles to improve balance and increase speed. There are several different types of skiing from downhill (known as Alpine) to cross country (known as Nordic). When skiing speed and techniques are extremely important to avoid injuries, accidents and collisions that may become life-threatening.

Soccer is sport played between two teams of eleven players using a spherical ball. The players are kicking the ball up and down the rectangular field in an effort for one team to kick the ball into the goal net. It also requires muscle endurance and strength. Soccer can become extremely physical leading to tiredness and injuries.

Baskeball is two teams of five players that score points against the other team by placing a ball through a 10 ft hoop. It requires dribbling, passing and shooting the basketball up and down the court. It requires coordination, endurance and muscle strength. It can also become a physical contact sport that leads to tiredness and injuries.

Football (American) is a physical contact sport. It requires strategic plays of the eleven offensive players to carry, throw, catch and pass the ball to team members to reach the goal line. It requires blocking and tackling by the defensive team to prevent the other team from making a goal.

Sports are a great way to have fun while getting in shape and staying that way. Being on a team is a great motivator and provides a specific goal to reach for among the players. Sports not only require physical endurance and strength but also the ability to focus mentally on the position that you are assigned and the proper skills and technique to avoid injuries and have fun.