Walking (Jogging/Running)
Walking Image - Photo Credit Microsoft

Walking has always been a great exercise starter. Although there were horses and donkeys during ancient biblical times for transportation, the main mode to get from one place to another was walking.

Here is an example of a walking routine to start:

Miles per hourTotal Calories Burn in hour*Continual Period# of days per week
1/2 mile20-302 weeks3 Days
1 mile40-602 weeks3 Days
1.5 miles100-1503 weeks4 Days
3 miles250-3004 weeks4 Days
4.5 miles350-4204 weeks4 Days
*The numbers in this chart are estimates. The information provided will vary based on the weight, metabolism and speed of the person walking. The numbers of days/weeks are suggestions. Please consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.

As you increase the number of miles, try to increase your speed to burn more calories and challenge your self. Eventually, the walking should turn into a slow jog. Listening to music on an iPod or other device while walking or jogging will help to make the exercise more enjoyable and fun.